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National Chopper Club

Our machines

Billy NCC Newcastle

Ducati 900 with hydraulic clutch conversion, one off dual manifold mated to a twin Weber carb. One off stainless steel exhaust system.
30mm tune cradle hardtail.
Forks and wheels from a GSX Suzuki, Billet aluminium top and bottom yokes and fork brace with 38mm bars reduced to 20mm. Levers, fluid reservoirs, rear brake, gear change, pegs and all brackets are one offs.
Petrol tank one off, front and rear mudguards moulded out of fibre glass, one off rear mudguard rack/carrier with built in light assembly.
Many thanks to Bri (Bad and Dirty customs) and all the guys who have carried all my gear all over Europe (you know who you are).

H NCC Staffordshire

1340 Evo, EV27 cam, 270 rear tyre, fabricated oil tank onto frame, continuous single top tube from headstock to bottom rail, hidden rear wheel adjusters, hand made seat, offset primary, rear stop/LED tail lights built into rear guard.
Won Best Chop at the Bulldog Bash a few years ago.
Can't remember much more!

Simon NCC Honorary Member

  • Frame:
    Boss Hog with 3 inch goose neck
  • Front End:
    4 inch overs, PT Wide Glide yokes with blind hole top yoke and 6 inch risers
  • Engine:
    1340 Evo, EV27 cam, DYNA ignition, S&S tappets and blocks. Top end was replaced (due to wear) as was the clutch, rotor, stator and starter motor. Points and Darby covers are NCC
  • Gearbox:
    5 speed Evo with kick start conversion
  • Carb:
    Standard CV with K&N filter and aftermarket teardrop cover
  • Rear End:
    Standard 16 inch rim, with smaller diameter pulley from sportster and narrower S&S belt
  • Rear Shocks:
    Was standard, now Hagon 13 inch (1 inch over) with stainless covers
  • Tank, Rear Guard, Forward Controls and Side Panels:
    After-market custom
  • Paint:
    Black powder coat with unknown blue tank and mudguards

Paul NCC Cambridgeshire

The Riddler

Hole on the road I throw money into... this build started when I was a one year hang around... Pilch talked Wiz Winyard into building it for me.
I'd got a few parts together such as the long GPZ900 forks and the Harley wheels along with a donor Honda CB750 custom for the headstock engine and brakes etc. The build had a few ups and downs as I know sweet FA about building a bike and went through a time where I barely had any money to pay for the work that was being done and at times I wished I hadn't started it.
During the final assembly, with the brightly painted frame, Pikey - Pilches ol lady, called it the Riddler and so my mate Ian who had already painted the frame got going on the artwork on the tins. My dad Jack was really keen to see the finished bike but I lost him a week or so before it was finished. After all the agro that had gone on, I decided that at least I wanted it to lead the hearse at his funeral. They actually delayed the date of the funeral to give me a chance...
Tom from NCC Notts got the bike fired up the night before the funeral and finished wiring it at around 5am on the day... Cheers tom 🙂 then came the running problems...
Trying to get and keep the CB750 engine running with any kind of consistency, proved to be a nightmare with it ultimately going bang on the way to the Cornwall run. After everybody telling me to put oil cooled Suzy motor in it, a 1200 Bandit lump was bought. After it was installed, when riding it down to get the frame repainted after frame work was needed to fit the new lump, it snapped the timing chain! All this culminated in Kafka from NCC Linc's taking on the job of making it a running bike and after pretty much changing out all the internals and a lot of blood sweat and tears it runs well now and goes like a raped ape... Thanks Kafka 🙂.
I still have some tidying to do, the front clutch lever needs polishing, the wheels and brake calipers need prettying, but after having it not quite on the road for such a long time I'm just pleased to be using it as much as possible.
Thanks to Pilch and Wiz for building it. Wookie customs for the engine replacement work and Ian and Jason Budd for the paint.