South Bucks History....

Originally formed as an offshoot of Bucks NCC in or around 1990 (spoken to the WISE ones and they can't remember exactly) as an experiment to encourage the development of the Club in the south of the county, the five original Members of South Bucks set up camp in their home town of High Wycombe, which was famous for furniture production and in 2007 and being ranked the 4th dirtiest in the South East and the 26th dirtiest in the whole UK but has under gone a huge redevelopment recently and still remains our centre of operations to date.

Despite having what appeared at first to be a limited catchment area in what could unkindly considered to be the arse-end of Bucks, i.e. between the southern border of Wendover and the Thames, the County soon gained and maintains healthy Membership.

Wycombe has been a 'biker town' on and off since the seventies. No idea why really, but at one point circa 1973 (when it was hip, cool & trendy to be a biker!) it sported no less than five biker pubs, three bike shops, two or three back-patch clubs and hundreds of hairy little greasers hurtling around on fucked up Brit Iron with bicycle ape-hangers.

And now? Well, it's obviously gone a bit quieter since those days, but there's still a healthy core of bike riders in and around the town and there's some pubs “not many” left that'll entertain us in more or less the style to which we have become accustomed, so that biker 'thing' has obviously seeped into the genes somehow (or a result of us pissing in the river Wye). As a consequence nearly (all the fish died in the Wye) every South Bucks Member past and present lives in the town - an occurrence perhaps unique in the Chopper Club. Some might unkindly say that this makes us a little on the inbred side, but they can fuck right off! We consider that this position makes us extremely tight knit, especially as hardly a day goes by without at least one of us seeing another.

Since South Bucks started, we've organised several Club Runs in conjunction with the 'Usual Suspects' i.e. some combination of our neighbouring counties: Berkshire, Bucks and Oxfordshire. Our baptism of fire was the Easter Run in '91 (where we learnt the difference between putting on a rally or party and a Chopper Club Run!), but our proudest moments were undoubtedly the: Chopper Club's Silver Jubilee Run in '98 'The Pearl Necklace Experience', 2003's Easter Run at Cublington. The Big Three Five, 35th Anniversary Run 2008 at Cublington