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Nick NCC Wiltshire

Picked it up as an unfinished project. With the basic frame round the GSXR engine. ZXR running gear. North Somerset member did the majority of the work on it for me. Fitting an intruder tank and making a tail piece out of the original mustang tank. Original paint was done by local friend, Lee. Unfortunately the frame started cracking round the swing arm pivots, so after the frame was braced, by Maf, it had been repainted by Tony (Glos).
GSXR1100m engine, running K&N air filters, one off custom exhaust by Jay and Rob, Fiat gearbox oil cooler. Frame was GS 750 front cradle and Triumph Bonneville rear end by Jay strengthened. Tail made from Ducati 916 sub frame by Rob, Suzuki GSXR1100 footrests and hangers. Sharp end up front Kawasaki ZXR 750 wheel/brakes/usd forks/yokes and master cylinders, Goodridge stainless brake lines and fittings, widen Wurtz handlebars, MotoGadget digital instruments. Blunt end is ZXR 750 shock/swingarm and brake.
Bodywork, Suzuki Intuder petrol tank, one off seat by Matt Valentine, cut down Mustang tanks tail piece over inverted Ducati 916 subframe [plated in] off side panels. Electrics by Maf @ Expressive Motorcycles, highway hawk headlight and LED catseye tail light. Paint is Ford ST orange, powder coating on engine mounts and suspension linkage by Rob`s mate Nick and wheels by Nick the Chef! Same with all polishing. Battery box, foot guards and various brackets.

Steve NCC Kernow

1992 Yamaha Vmax 145bhp

Yamaha Vmax 1200 145bhp. Carb(s).. Keihin Flat slide from UFO Performance in the States. Air box/filters: Ram air foam filters, over 3” Trumpets. Ignition: Modified
  • Modifications:
    One off hardtail frame by owner
  • Subframe:
    Modified stock
  • Footrest/Hangers:
    Modified stock
  • Wheel:
    2008 Kawasaki ZX6R with spacers to fit wider yokes
  • Discs:
    2008 Kawasaki ZX6R
  • Callipers:
    2008 Kawasaki ZX6R
  • Forks:
    Upside down 2008 Kawasaki ZX6R extended by 3inch’s
  • Yokes:
    One off billet alloy
  • Brake Lines:
    Good ridge
  • Handlebars:
    3”, 1 1/4” Apes
  • Master Cylinders:
    eBay specials
  • Controls:
    Forward controls, modified stock Vmax foot controls by owner
  • Grips:
  • Mudguard:
    250mm wide 18g pressed steel, heavily modified by owner
  • Wheel:
    250mm Solid billet alloy split rim by Taylor made wheels
  • Disc:
  • Calliper:
  • Master Cylinder:
    Stock modified
  • Front Mudguard:
    CX 500 modified
  • Petrol Tank:
    Modified to fit over carbs
  • Tailpiece/Rear Mudguard:
    250mm pressed steel modified by owner
  • Electrics/Battery Box:
    Fabricated by owner
  • Number Plate Holder:
    Fabricated by owner
  • Main Loom:
    New wiring loom by owner
  • Headlight:
    Stock XJR 1300
  • Tail Light:
  • Colour(s):
    Metallic blue
  • Painter:
  • Polishing:
    By owner
  • Engineering:
    Owner and Jim, front end yokes and stem, fork extensions, wheel and disc spacers

Maf NCC Committee

2003 Suzuki GSX1400

Engine and transmission
Suzuki GSX1400 Engine mods (including carbs, ignition and pipes) stock motor, modified GSXR1100 ignition, Keihin fcr41 flat slide carbs 2x2 into one stainless exhaust by expressive motorcycles
One off big tubed (1.5 inch) hard tail
Front end
Yamaha R1 forks and wheel in slightly over the top yokes! Brakes are R1 four pots with Goodridge stainless lines and fittings 1.75 inch apes, W and W headlight, mini bar mounted switches (expressive motorcycles)

Johnny A NCC Somerset

2013 Buell Chop

One off fat tube hardtail frame by Expressive Motorcycles.
Engine is 2002 Buell M2 Cyclone 1200, ignition HI-4, S&S air cleaner, exhaust by Maf at Expressive Motorcycles.
Wheels and brakes are stock Buell items. Bars are not quite apes with risers that are left overs from a previous build. Moto-X throttle with foot controls and seat from Ben at Las Pistolas. Fuel tank is a modified King Sportster and oil tank is by Maf. The front mudguard is stock and rear chopped and shortened. The headlight and tail light are from FleaBay. Paint and graphics are by Tony NCC Gloucestershire.
Powder coating by Nick the Chef at
We used a Buell as at the time they were going for about half the price of Sportsters and had so much more that could be used in the build. The original plan was to build a simple hardtail frame but one thing led to another and we got a bit carried away. It’s been on the road for five years now I reckon and I still love riding it as much as I did the first time I took it out.

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