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History of the Essex coat of arms

The coat of arms for Essex is a historic one - and stretches back into antiquity - although not quite as far back as some may imagine.

The name Essex means "Land of the East Saxons" and refers to the invasion and settlement in Britain by a race of people from Saxony, Germany.

This occurred after the fall of the Roman Empire and before the Norman invasion of 1066. The Saxons settled mainly in Essex, Kent,
and the London area, and their influence was strongest in 600-700AD - the years before the Viking incursions.

The official granting of the current Essex arms by the College of Arms dates back to only 1932.

The official wording is:

Gules, three Seaxes fessewise in pale Argen., pomels [knobs] and hilts [handles] Or, pointed to the sinister and cutting edges upwards.