Mat, started his term by continuing the work of previous Presidents in establishing close links with other countries keen to become part of our future expansion. In August 1997, Mat led the entire Club on our first ever run to Norway, a testimony to his determination and planning ability and August 1998 also saw us celebrating our 25th Anniversary on our original piece of land in Buckinghamshire.

This event was tangible evidence of the Chopper Club's ability to build some of the best custom bikes in Europe, with our membership at the forefront of custom bike construction. The Custom Show judging must have been the most difficult ever, but all those receiving prizes from Mat were well deserved (included amongst these were Hank, now fully recovered, and Bill Gill, in remission from his illness). In the summer of 1999 Mat and Hank organised an incident packed marathon ride across Spain & Portugal. Fifteen members and their Ol' Ladies, riding chops across previously uncharted territory, visiting old friends and meeting new ones along the way. Their ultimate destination, the Faro Show, proved fruitful with both Twizzle and Scotty picking up prizes.