In late 1989, following the devolution of Chopper Club Ireland from the NCC, it was perhaps fitting that Boots should hand over the Presidency to Hank at the Club's first event on our own land - a place that has become our spiritual home. Boots also gave us all a sense of history and purpose - during his term we celebrated our tenth anniversary and were able to see the importance of recognising our past and anticipating our future. Hank took over from Boots at the end of 1989, consolidating our position across Europe and expanding our purchase of land throughout the mainland. Learning from our earlier experiences, Hank skillfully led our progress, establishing permanent sites at several locations throughout the country. He also resolutely pushed up the quality of our membership and, leading by example, expanded the boundaries of custom bike building with bikes like 'The Fly', setting standards for years to come. In addition to developments at home, with the devolution of Chopper Club Wales and Chopper Club Scotland, Hank also expanded our European operations with the establishment of Chopper Club Germany and Chopper club Norway. He continued reinforcing our sense of history, leading us in celebrations of ten years in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Realising that the future of Custom biking in Europe was threatened by European legislation, Hank campaigned for the, then fledgling, FEM and made the first of several donations on behalf of the Club (£3500) in '95. With issues like TuV, the End of Use directive and the recent trike ban in Belgium, Hanks foresight was indeed accurate. During Hanks term we celebrated the NCC's 20th Anniversary in Scotland in August '93 and embarked on a building programme on each of our sites. Following a serious road accident en-route to the Belgian Anniversary run and his subsequent protracted recuperation, Hank handed over the presidency to Mat at the end of 1996, having, over the years, earned both great admiration and respect.