After a long period working tirelessly for the Club behind the scenes, both on the national committee and before that with the production team of 'On The Highway' - the Chopper Club's in-house magazine - Chris was able to bring his organisational and management skills to the fore when he became Matt's Vice President.

His quiet and efficient style was further honed when Matt stood down in 2004 and Chris became the natural choice for President, leading from the front on his show-winning gold S&S chop and continuing to emphasise the Club's main aim of promoting custom motorcycle building – and riding – in the UK

Like all the Presidents before him, he left the Club better than he found it. During his term he led the Club to Chopper Club Netherland's epic 25th Anniversary Run, to Chopper Club Germany's Euro-Run in 2010 where we took over an entire zoo and safari park and, last but not least, the National Club's 35th Anniversary Run at Cublington in 2008 where we managed to completely fill our club land with a record-breaking 1700 members, guests and a truly massive array of quality chops.

Chris has travelled extensively, constantly strengthening the National Club's ties with our brothers in Germany, Norway, Holland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Belgium, as well as maintaining the friendships he had helped create with other clubs throughout Europe.