By August of '79, Dino's circumstances had changed and he stepped down as President, handing over the job to a shy retiring chap named Boots. Boots held the Presidency for ten years, during which time he improved the Club out of all recognition, especially in three distinct areas: Firstly, Boots concentrated on the quality of membership, both in terms of numbers and the machinery they rode, effectively raising the profile of the Club both here and in Europe with successes by Chopper Club bikes in many major shows. Secondly, Boots was the prime mover behind our expansion into Europe with the formation of Chopper Club Nederland, Chopper Club Belgie and Chopper Club Luxembourg during his term as President. Club Runs now, as a matter of routine, involve trips across Europe and brought the realisation that the Club, its members and their machinery were at the forefront of European custom biking. Thirdly, Boots saw the need to own our own land and initiated a countrywide search for suitable venues, culminating in the purchase of our first permanent site in Buckinghamshire. Boots' pioneering spirit was matched by his determination and perseverance, both of which were put to the test during our long legal fight to use the land we had just bought.