From 1973 to 1978, our first President and now Honorary Life Member, Bill Gill, laid the foundations on which our Club stands today. He organised our structure, pioneered the idea of regular Bank-Holiday Club runs and introduced our backpatch. He brought organisation to the Club, formed a national committee to run the entire Club and formed us into county-based areas, each with a 'Rep' or representative, whose job was to act as a spokesman both from the committee to 'his' members and from the members to the committee. The introduction of our backpatch must be Bill's most significant achievement. The diamond design was to become a major unifying thread throughout the Club's development. At the time, Bill and some of his close friends had to deal with all the ramifications of this move. It's a great testament to Bill, with the support of his former wife Verity, that his perseverance undoubtedly led to the standing and respect that the Club enjoys now. At our National Run in Kent at Whitsun 1978, Bill Gill stepped down as President due to his suffering from an arthritic complaint that affected his whole body - although such was his bravery that he kept his condition secret until 1990.